Friday, April 15, 2011

Ancient village Phú Vinh

The village lies in Vĩnh Thạnh commune, Khánh Hòa province, it’s historically almost 200 years old. Centrally located in busy city Nha Trang, the village has fresh and green environment that attracts more and more visitors and it’s deemed as a tangible heritage of the central part. There are annually thousands of tourists domestically and internationally to visit Phú Vinh village.

Photo: Quỳnh Hương
6 age-old houses selected to be the destination are located on a bow-road of the commune and the focus of the tour is the house that remains almost undamaged owned by Mr. Nguyễn Xuân Hải. The house has been handed down to 6 generations but it looks unrepaired. It’s situated in a 4,000m2 area, shaded by fruit-trees. It’s designed unlike those in the North, it’s 3 section, each is expanded to be longer and has 5 roofs supported by 36 pillars. The ancient atmosphere doesn’t seem to fade with very old scroll-panels, altars, beams and home tools. The yin-and-yang tiles are almost 200 years old. Bricks laid on the curb as well as the yard are also 6 generation old.

Visitors take much interest in visiting the house that’s almost undamaged by time and everything looks as it was in the past, no imitation. Besides, there are fruit-gardens with all fruit species: durian, longan, mango, jackfruit... and in fruit season one can taste the fruits right under the trees. The image of a hen and its chickens is very impressive. There’s a couple of one-hundred-year old apricots and in spring the yellow flowers bloom romantically.

On village road, we can see deep wells, very old but the water is always very clear. In the houses, there are flower-pots. Foreigners seems to be fascinated by school of ducks swimming or a hen and its chickens. They will be entertained with fresh fruits and dink tea in the shady gardens.

                                                                  THANH HẰNG

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