Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Bạch Mã national park

Bạch Mã was recognized to be national park in 1991 and it’s naturally 22,031ha large. It’s the large forest in the Northern end of Trường Sơn mountain range in Thừa Thiên – Huế province. Average temperature in Bạch Mã is no lower than 40C in winter and no-higher than 260C in summer, considered to be ideal for holiday-markets.
Tourists visit Bạch Mã parkPhoto: Hải Dương
Bạch Mã is rich in flora with 1,406 species. Some are rare and valuable and these are trees so big that only 3 or 5 people could embrace it and there are trees that are 50m high. Wildlife is abundant here with 969 species (83 animal species, 333 bird species, 31 reptile species, 256 butterfly species, 178 insect species... Some  of these are listed in redbook: five-colour voọc, white-cheek vượn, sao la...
In 1923, a French botanist Delacour found out in Bạch Mã a precious bird (Trĩ family) and named it Trĩ Sao. Sometimes, in deep forest, they could be seen flying about and singing. From the administration headquarters, we have to walk about 2,5km where we can see a world of fauna and flora and the tour-end is a waterfall. The water falls noisily but it’s very clear and clean, we can have a swim here after a long and hard trip or we can take a lary walk in an area untouched, romantic and scented by plants and flowers.
If we take 9km further to the top and 1 km more, we will see 5 lakes inter-linked. These lakes were made up by two streams. In Ngũ Hồ (5 lakes) there’s a fish that is popularly named chúa tể or “lord of fish” or cá chình. It’s born in the sea but live in rivers and streams or lakes. From Ngũ Hồ, we proceed to the fall Đỗ Quyên, a grandio waterfall and thousands of Đỗ Quyên flowers (rhododendron) bloom along the stream-sides when spring comes.
Bạch Mã serve 15,000 visitors annually (both foreign and domestic). They come here to enjoy fresh air and observe rare flora and fauna. Bạch Mã is seen a donation to Vietnam by the nature.
                                                                         ANH TRUNG

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