Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Conquest of Phanxipan

Phanxipan (3.143m high) is the highest mountain in Vietnam and in Indochina as well.
On the peak of Phanxipan
In local language, Phanxipan or Hủa xi pan, means “unsteady colossal stone”. Phanxipan is part of Hoàng Liên Sơn range, in Southwest of Sapa town, bordering north - western provinces Lào Cai and Lai Châu. Phanxipan in now the venue of mountain climbers and this special tour can be operated and guided by professional travel agencies or local tour leaders. The first morning is coach trip from Sapa to Trạm Tôn hill-top, then climbers begin the tour through small mountains to a 1900m-high. Stop-over by a stream-side for camping, cooking and overnight rest. The second day is continued to the highest peak Phanxipan (3.143m high above the sea level). This is the most strenuous part of the journey but the most interesting to take a rest and have lunch on the roof of Vietnam. It’s also dangerous way due to its winding and rocky trail with one side is high mountain and the other is deep valley.

Best time for Phanxipan conquest is from September to following March. Anyway, the road to the roof is the finest in late February when wild flowers are in full bloom. What a poetic and romantic scene it’s in the forests and mountains and it’s also good time for nature’s photo-hunters of old conifer-trees green ivory bamboos, clear-water streams, stone-fields and the red sun in floating clouds. Weariness and hardships seem to give way when you put your hands on a metal tower - the bust of President Hồ Chí Minh in a glass case.

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