Saturday, April 23, 2011

Diving at Mun island

Of all islands in Nha Trang, Hòn Mun is the best due to its clean and clear water, fine beach sand, almost untouched cliffs and it’s one of the most beautiful water palace in South East Asia sea.

The island is rich in fauna and flora. If there are 2000 coral species in the world, Hòn Mun keeps 1,500. Even well-experienced divers from different countries are taken by surprise to see Hòn Mun seabed beauty.
You just dive in 10m deep to see the world of colourful corals: red corals and corals in different sizes and shapes. You can also make fun with schools of fish in all species. There’s fish that weighs 7-8kg and 3-4m long, even a huge school of white herring swimming across.

Adventurous divers can get to the bottom to discover sea-bed caves. There are caves that get 10-15m deep and of course you need to have a special torch to see the sea life: cuttlefish, lobsters, shrimps...
Particularly, from May to September you may register for night-diving in moonlit evenings. But this is only for adventurers, because it sounds more adventurous. There seems to be everything ready to attack you but the water-world is more beautiful and exciting with the sealife looking for food at night.
To be safe and sound, you will have to get well-prepared and well-armed: diving clothes, oxygen pot, safety glasses, diving-propeller and even a big piece of lead to make yourself heavy enough to dive.
And don’t forget to attend a crash course, right on the ship. You will be carefully instructed and followed by tour-guides, so there’s nothing to worry about, and only to remember not to drink alcoholic drinks and don’t litter. An waste-sweeper ship tours the island to keep the environment clean. On sunny days, corals could be seen from the ship.
A Japanese tourist, Mr. Hiden Kasahara said “I’ve been to many places but Nha Trang sea surprises me much for its water-beauty, for its sea-life, and please don’t miss the chance once you are in Nha Trang”.      

                                                                      Thanh Hiền

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