Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mẫu Sơn discovery

Mau Son tourism complex in Lang Son province, on 80 mounts and mountains is 1000m high above the sea level. Climate in Mau Son is typically Asian tropical and sub-tropical, cool and bright sunshire in summer, cloudy in winter. In spring, Mau Son seems to be covered by red colour of peach flowers and peach-fruit here are very tasty.
In Mau Son, you can carry out reseach study in virgin forest or climb the peaks Phia Me (1,520m high), Phia Bo (1,511m high). Mau Son forests are rich in flora species: sau sau, nganh nganh, pine-varieties, bamboo-shoots, mushrooms… especially the pure honey. The deeper into the forests, the more precious medicinal herbs we can find ba kich, nhan sam, huyen dang, that diep, ngu gia bi… With which the ethnic minority Dao people process in many traditional medicines, especially herbal bath that help to revitalize when we are tired and exhausted, we can take bath in bath-tub or bring herbs home.
Mẫu Sơn resort;          Photo: K.D
In Mau Son mountainous village’s archaelogists have found out ancient stone-architectures (stone-tombs and stone temples). It’s catacombs in rectangular (2.8m long and 1m wide, 0,5m high). The builders used natural stones to set up a wall in the west and small stones in the north and east. The tomb was covered with a smaller square stone, that’s why in the south, there’s a tunnel of 2m long and its catacomb.

In Mau Son, there are streams running o flat stones (dozens of meters long) and make waterfalls in windy forests. The stream water and the secret distillery skills help the locals to produce Mau Son alcohol. “Mau Son whisky” is a special product. It’s tasty and easy to make drinkers drunk. Such alcohol can only be made here in Mau Son, no otherwises.

Visitors to Mau Son on spring will be lucky to attend a local wedding ceremony of the Dao minority, to enjoy fried pigs with mac mat leaves and Mau Son alcohol, to take part in singing.

Please, come to Mau Son, just to put away your busy and noisy life in cities, to discover nature, to enjoy local foods and drinks, to find out local life styles and to by local products for souvenirs and presents on the way home.

                                                                     THANH SƠN

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