Friday, April 22, 2011

Uniqueness of Hội An ancient street

Hội An ancient town with beautiful landscape, ancient architecture and attractive lanterns at night, traditional specialties is always the destination for domestic and foreign tourists for sightseeing, relaxation and research. With global outstanding values, in 1999, the World Heritage Committee of UNESCO acknowledged Hội An ancient town as the World Cultural Heritage.
Hội An lanterns             Photo: Đức Thanh

Standing from the ancient city is about 20 pagodas, churches and ancient club-houses, notably Cầu pagoda, Ông pagoda, Triều Châu club-house, Phúc Kiến club-house, Quảng Đông club-house, Quân Thắng ancient house, Tấn Ký ancient house, Phùng Hưng ancient house, Trần family church. These are big edifices that worship Buddha and God. In spite of rehabilitation for many times, they still retain carved house frames, carved wood doors, sculpture pieces, rare and precious antiques of Việt Nam, China, Japan and Western Europe. The most typical feature of Hội An architecture is the ancient houses structured by tubular wood throughout two streets. Their frontage is for trading and storing goods, inside there are resident houses with many light spaces and roofed corridors connecting the rooms. All interior parts are carved and decorated quite elaborately.

Hội An ancient town                Photo: Minh Đức

In particular, Hội An night is always attractive to the tourists. Sparkling and fanciful night is in the light of lanterns of all colors in the streets. Hội An night is incredibly quiet. At weekends, there is no sound of motorbikes but footsteps of the tourists who contemplate ancient, plain and illusory beauty of inclined houses by the romantic Hoài river.

Apart from cultural values through diversified architecture, Hội An still retains a fairly immense nonphysical culture. Daily life of the residents with customs and habits, religious activities, traditional art, cultural festivals are being preserved and brought into full play together with romantic natural landscape, traditional trade villages and specialties, which makes Hội An an attractive destination for tourists.

Coming to Hội An, tourists also have chances to go rowing on Thu Bồn river, passing Cửa Đại offshore to Chàm island and swallow island. Cửa Đại - Chàm island is a beautiful bathing place and resort.

Hội An town has coordinated al tourism enterprises to join in the strong promotional programs to attract tourists. Promotional and discount programs in Hội An focus on the big holidays such as 30 April - 01 May, Quảng Nam heritage process festival, Việt Nam - Japan cultural festival, annual tourist month in Hội An - summer feeling, public holiday.

Starting from 26 March, those tourists residing 2 days at 4-5 star hotels in Quảng Nam city will receive free menu at 9 USD, discount note from 10-30% for such services as sightseeing, buying souvenirs, food and drink at famous restaurants in Hội An, free tourist tickets.

For 2-3 star hotels, tourists will receive many attractive gifts such as 10-20% discount for cosmetics, beauty care, buying souvenirs; free rowing services on Hoài river; discovering the ancient town by pedicabs, having breakfast.

Apart from seasonal promotional programs, tourists also enjoy direct discount for tourist products up to 50%. Meanwhile, upon buying goods or using tourist services in Hội An with bill valued from 100 USD up, tourists also enjoy free services such as tennis, sightseeing tickets to Hội An ancient town and Mỹ Sơn site.

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