Monday, April 25, 2011

The waterfall Bản Ba in Tuyên Quang

The fall lies in between the mountain Phiêng Khàng ( Bản Ba viallge, Trung Hà commune, Chiêm Hóa district, Tuyên Quang province) and it’s a nationally classified landscape. Visitors are not only able to discover the bio-diversity of the untouched forest but to enjoy swimming in the beautiful fall Bản Ba.

Photo: Thanh Lam
The fall is soured from limestone mountain range in Đức Xuân commune, Bắc Quang district, Hà Giang province on a nearly 1,000m high above the sea level. The fall itself is 3km long and has 3 levels, the 1st one is Tát Củm, the second one is Tát Cao and the third is Tát Gió. In between these 3 levels are smaller falls of 5m - 7m high. The fall area is bio-diversity and vary is species. Nature-lovers take much interest in wildlife here.

On all sides of the waterfall are immensity of forests with very old trees even hundred –years old with climbing plants and rainforests. All help to make Bản Ba really a natural beauty. At the foot of the waterfall are fertile rice-fields and pretty houses of Tày minority people hidden in the oil-palms. Seen from afar, the fall looks like a sheet of white silk on the boundless greenery. Visitors to Bản Ba can take a swim in a 3m - 5m deep abyss with very clear and clean water, or listening to birds singing and the legendary stories about the fall and the region by the locals.

Story has it that, once upon a time, there’s a couple of a boy and a girl from distant place lived here and they founded the village Lạc Bạn. Time passed and the village became prosperous and crowded.

There’s a custom that every year the villagers took part in a contest of releasing bamboo raft from high mountain to the bottom to show the boys’ bravery. Villages’ representatives gave signal by beating the wooden drum. After 3 rounds of beating, in pairs, they released the raft, many people got killed in the abyss and the living cried days and nights for sorrows, their fears ran into the river that make the fall today. The water runs from Lạc Bạn (the head source) to Bản Ban and fall on 3 levels, the water-sound is heard something like the weeping of the villagers.

Visitors to Bản Ba have chances to understand the local habits and customs, the traditional culture of Tày, Nùng, Dao ethnic minorities to take part in sli dance accompanied by tính musical instrument, the songs of boys and girls and the folk games of the villagers.   

                                                                    THANH HẰNG

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