Sunday, April 24, 2011

Naturally-made lake Ea Snô

125km from Gia Nghĩa town in direction of Buôn Ma Thuột city, lake Ea Snô is 800ha large, quite beautiful and remains untapped in grandiose Trường Sơn forest.
Photo: Công Thành

The lake is famous not only for its natural beauty, but its legendary stories. On fine days, the lake-surface looks like a great mirror reflecting the sunshine and it’s hemmed by long ranges of mountain. In Spring, the whole area is colored by flowers and it’s more beautiful in moonlit nights. On sunny days, it’s interesting to ride a small boat on the lake.
The lake is a great stock of fish in all species and it’s a good supply of fresh-water fish for the locals. Fish are said to be more tasty in rainy season. It’s also a habitat for overnight animals and beasts wide pigs, deer, snakes, pythons, monkeys and birds.
From the lake, we can ride boats downstream to river Krông Nô, to waterfall Dray Sap, Dray Nur or upstream to mountainous village Choah to visit homeland of the chieftain Nơ Trang Gưh, or along river Krông Nô, to river Knông Na and return to the Lắk.
Apart from viewing natural beauty or typing local products, we can pay visits to well-known villages: Ol, Choah, Leng... where legendary stories are well-preserved and handed down to younger generations. Village Choah is a resistance-base of the insurrection army Nơ Trang Gưh, who led an army to fight against the French in 14 years (1900-1914). There remain tombs of the heroic fighters in the central highlands, both historically and humanly meaningful.
In festival season, we will be invited to join in sing-and-dance groups by the fire, with pretty young girls in merry sounds of gongs, it’s unwilling to say goodbye.

                                                                     CÔNG THÀNH

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