Thursday, April 21, 2011

Đền Trúc – Ngũ Động Sơn

Đền Trúc (or ivory bamboo temple) – Ngũ Động Sơn (or 5-grotto mountain) in Quyển Sơn village, Thi Sơn commune, Kim Bảng district, Hà Nam province is dedicated to national hero Lý Thường Kiệt. The area is famed for its natural beauty and the temple lies in the forest of ivory bamboo with wonderful grottoes.
It’s said that, in 1089, the fleet of war-boats led by Lý Thường Kiệt on an expedition to Southern part, at a stopover in Quyển Sơn village, there is a sudden whirlwind that broke the mast and flied away the control-flag to the mountain peak. Lý Thường Kiệt and his troops held a rite to pray the gods of earth and heavens for victory and he won the battle. On the way home he and his army came to the place to express their gratitude to gods and rewarded their troops with big parties in a month. In memory to the event of flying control-flag, he named the mountain Cuốn Sơn (that the flag was flown away). Latter on, in order to commemorate the national hero, villagers built a temple on the spot where he organized victory party to worship him.
The temple was built in a large forest of ivory bamboo, named Đền Trúc, 6m high and all made of fire-wood. The front-house is 5-section, the back-house was built all the same (of jing-and-jang titles and unplastered bricks). All doors were carved in with pictures of 4 seasons.
Visitors to Đền Trúc remember to visit mountain Cuốn Sơn now is forbidden mount that remains almost untouched as originally.
The mountain has 5 linking grottoes, called Ngũ Động Sơn or 5-grotto mountain. Visitors to Đền Trúc and Ngũ Động Sơn will be fascinated by the natural scenery and wonders.
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