Saturday, April 23, 2011

Tourism complex Madagui

Located near national road N020, Madagui (in Đà Lạt district, Lâm Đồng province) is really a destination for tourists at home and abroad.

Photo: Văn Chương
The name Madagui comes from river Gui and the ethnic minority group Mạ. It’s tropical and untouched forest with mountains, caves and grottoes, the immensity of grassland, rich in vegetations and wonderful landscapes. Visitors will be able to understand the local culture, products, customs and habits such as thổ cẩm (brocades), rượu cần (alcohol drinking by long pipe), đâm trâu (killing-buffalo ceremony) and epics, long poems Khan and H’amon... and sets of gongs of the highlanders. Madagui is a good destination due to its full services: campfire discovery, adventure trips in wild forests...
You will be happily welcomed by birds singing, cicadas... as a symphony. Madagui has a network of rivers and streams with beaches, and Suối Tiên or fairy-stream, a part of Đạ Huoai river, coming from Bảo Lộc is very beautiful.
You will go on a discovery tour to the untouched forest rich in flora. Next to age-old trees are stones as big as two-or-three-storey houses called Thạch Lam (blue stones). Hang Rơi is the most beautiful grotto (it’s habituated by thousands of bats). A few hundred meters further is sky-gate where there’s a split stone that looks funny.
From sky-gate, you will proceed to grottoes Thầy (master), Cô (mistress), Rẻ Quạt made up of big stones for adventure tourists. It’s interesting to go deep into Âm Phủ cave (10m deep in the ground and hundreds of meters long) with lanes on the right and on the left, sometimes you have to be on your fours (like creeping) to get through. In the evening, you will take part in gong-dance, drinking rượu cần (kind of alcohol), eating sweet potato with local people.

Madagui is a good destination, not only for tourists, but even for researchers. Don’t forget to come and try your efforts.

                                                                        Trần Đức

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