Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Discover Hà Nội by pedicabs

On busy streets of Hà Nội ancient quarters, it’s very joyful to watch foreigners riding on pedicabs for discovery of Hà Nội cultural identities. That’s why pedicabs and ancient quarters are closely related. Pedicabs become popular means of transport for foreign tourists in Hà Nội due to short and narrow streets in the ancient quarters and there’s nothing better than seated on a soft cyclo and have a nice ride to the 36-street area, to see with your naked eyes the busy life in these craft roads.

By a pedicab, you can go deep into very narrow lanes, to avoid traffic congestion or stopover anywhere, anytime to take photos, to do some shopping and be explained by pedicab-riders about history or something you like in their pidgin English, sometimes by sign language in cases you can not afford to have a guide-interpreter. And there’s no need to be worried because your riders are really honest and active.

Hà Nội now has 4 pedicab -companies to rend ready services: Metropole, Văn Hóa (culture), Huy Phong and Sans Souci. Totaling 276 cyclos (as of October 2005). These services have helped to attract more visitors from France, England, Korea, Hồng Kông, Singapore….

Pedicabs are said to be a culture of Hà Nội and the riders are good marketing people to promote the images of Hà Nội and of Việt Nam worldwide.

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