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Phượng Hoàng cave and Mỏ Gà stream

Phượng Hoàng or Phoenix cave and Mỏ Gà  or chicken stream were classified as national heritage by the Ministry of Culture and Information in 1994.
 Mỏ Gà stream in Thái Nguyên
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About 800m from national road N07, Phượng Hoàng cave lies on top of the mountain (600m above the sea level). There seem to be two fondling phoenixes. The mountain is called Phượng Hoàng due to a originally legendary story: there’s one a happy couple of phoenixes.
When the female laid two eggs, it stayed home and hatched while the made one was away looking for food. One day, he was so busy with natural beauty that he got lost and forgot his wife until he realized it and flied home, only to see his wife turned into stone while waiting for him. So regretful, he lied and looked over the stone, his  wife with out eating anything, then he died and the God turned him into stone too, and let them be together. It takes you just one how to reach the top. The cave has 3 floors, the uppermost is Thượng or Dơi cave, then saving or light cave (it’s lighted by sunshine from the East and South East). Giữa cave is about 1000m2 large, there are stalagmites and stalactites and dripping water inside. The underground cave is Dark (sunshine can never reach here).
From the cave-door, we proceed to stream-cave Mỏ Gà. Story has it that long, long ago, it didn’t rain a long time the fields and farmer went into forest cutting wood. A fairy man turned himself into a hen and chickens. The farmer chased to catch the hen and the chickens, but they finally disappeared in a big stone, thinking, they might be these so the farmer moved the stone away, and to his surprise a current of fresh water rushing out. Thanks to this, the fields became green again, crops got bumper and the people’s life changed. Be grateful, the people named their village Mỏ Gà. The stream water is very clean and fresh from inside the mountain. The cave is about 10-20m wide and 2-6m deep (it’s here waist-deep there heel-deep). Nobody known how long the stream is. But when you come inside 300-400m, it looks more attractive, there’s a flat stone like a bed, and it’s called “fairy bed”, there are 5 or 6 small waterfalls.
Mỏ Gà stream and Phượng Hoàng cave become a surprise for tourists. 
                                                            NGUYÊN VŨ

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