Monday, April 25, 2011

Măng Đen landscape

Once to Măng Đen (Kon Tum province), many times more one wishes to come again due to its natural beauty of overlapping hills and mountains, immense pine-forest on 1,200m – 1,300m above the sea-level. The Đắk Sơ Nghé river through the district center Kon Plông and streams make the area an ideal tourism destination.

Photo: Như Quỳnh
Măng Đen, in local language means “flat land” where the climate is fresh and cool all-year-round as it’s in Đà Lạt, a really untouched land as it’s. More than 4,000ha of pine forests lie in between the virginal woods of over 100,000ha, and rivers and streams all help to turn Măng Đen into an ideal eco-tourism. These sports are not so far from the district center and very convenient for visitors. Most particularly is Đăm lake, about 500m from Măng Đen airport, in dry season, cornflowers are in full bloom, pine forests surround the lake and fallen leaves cover the earth 10 – 15cm thick, as smooth as velvet. Lung lake is over 1ha large with old and very big trees around, orchid species could be found here.

There’s a village located on an islet in the lake and it’s inhabited by ethnic minority groups: Mơ Năm, Ca Rong, H’re... in stilt-houses leaning against terrace fields or tea-farm. A little further is the village communal house or nhà rông where from echoes of gongs, the emotions of the locals are sometimes clearly heard.

From Măng Đen, on the national road 24 to the coastal area there are 70km bordering Quảng Ngãi, homeland of Ấn mountain and Trà river and the immense rice-field.

Vietnam National Administration of Tourism (VNAT) and local authorities have planned Măng Đen tourism complex, calling for investment to turn it into an eco-tourism in the future, worthy to be a starting-point of the central highlands’ green road.   

                                                                          HẢI ANH

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