Thursday, April 28, 2011

Spring festival - Đống Đa festival

Dragon -dance in Đống Đa festival
Photo: Tiến Dũng
The event takes place on 5th of lunar January annually and people get excited to attend. The celebration of Đống Đa - Ngọc Hồi victory at historic Đống Đa mounds in Hà Nội. It's the resounding victory of the farmer – hero Nguyễn Huệ – the emperor Quang Trung who led Tây Sơn army and defeated the Chinese Quing invaders in 1789 ( year of cock). There' s always a performance to relive the victory, dragon- dance, sword - dance, martial arts and popular games: tug-of-war, cock-fighting, Chinese chess, wrestling… that attract visitors far and wide.

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