Thursday, April 28, 2011

New-year days in the Southwestern part

South Westerners get ready for Tết right from early lunar December. Markets on land or floating meet from 23rd day and the area is said to be a paradise of fruits .
Eco-tourism in Mêkông DeltaPhoto: Bùi Hỏa Tiễn
Watermelon is seen everywhere and quite fresh. During Tết holidays, watermelons are placed on families’ altars. After Tết, people share the fruit which is cut into pieces. If it’s red, it will bring good luck, things will be smooth so housewives are very careful to choose the fruits. Watermelons vary on species: round, oval or long the insides might be red or yellow. Most famous are fruits from Cao Lãnh, Trảng Bàng, Bạc Liêu and Trà Vinh.

Southern Vietnam is naturally favoured with delicious fruits and the New-year 5-fruit (5 kinds of fruit), tray is very diverse. 5-fruit baskets also displayed in sitting-room to make the house more beautiful. 5-fruit are papaya, orange, milk-fruit, mandarin, durian, pine-apple…

There are candied fruits of different kinds, but most popular is candied coconut-fruit, it’s tasty, easy to make and doesn’t cost much.

From mid-December (lunar month), villagers get busy preparing Tết. They make cakes, sweet porridge, from 29th - 30th of December, cakes are made to worship the forefathers.

Flowers are a must-to-have during Tết holidays and Southern area is rich in flower species and ornamental plants. Bonsai here is nationwide known.

Tết in the Southern part is very specifically tasted, it’s both traditional and modern. It makes the New-year atmosphere more exciting, relaxing and unforgettable.


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