Sunday, April 24, 2011

Suối Giàng – a good destination

Suối Giàng, 12km from Văn Chấn district town, lies on side of Hoàng Liên Sơn mountain range where there are 2300ha of forests, half of these are untapped rich in wildlife of plants and rare animals, especially the shan tuyết tea-trees. It seems to be at the sky-gate in Suối Giàng with long range of mountains now in, then out of while clouds.

Shan tuyết tea-trees in Suối Giàng - Yên Bái
Photo: Anh Quỳnh
Surprisingly, there are terrace-fields in the distance, in the valleys, along the hills as beautiful as pictures of stills.
Suối Giàng is attractive, not only due to its natural landscapes, but to its lots of old shan tuyết tea-trees. This best quality tea is desired to enjoy by tourists, even once in life. Shan tuyết tea is simply prepared, normally called “trà mộc or unscented”. It’s also named “móc câu tea” (because it looks like a fishhook).
Besides natural wonders, visitors to Suối Giàng have chances to discover the cultural villages in the community or to go on trekking to small and high villages. You will be deeply impressed by the cultural identities of Mông ethnic people in whose homes, you will be invited a hot tea offered by both of their hands. It’s their hospitality and respect, even a hard-to-please guest is satisfied with the tea, because it’s made of water from Suối Giàng stream. The scent and taste of the tea will stay long in your mouth and it’s the difference from tea of other regions. It’s also a secret to prepare the tea.
You will be able to see the local cultural identities in the festival, especially on Tết holidays, or to listen to the khèn (bamboo flutes) to leaf-music, to stories told by aged people, to sip the tea made by young, beautiful girls.
Suối Giàng is a good destination, an eco-tourism system of Yên Bái province. Future itinerary is planned and Suối Giàng tea is well-known nationwide and worldwide. It’s the symbol of this famous land.  
                                              THU AN

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