Sunday, April 24, 2011

Đà Bắc – a tourist attraction

Đà Bắc, 28km from Hòa Bình town, is a mountainous district of the province, it’s a destination for eco-tourism and culture lovers. Its attraction is due to the natural beauty and untouched environment.

Photo: Đức Trung
The first leg is nature-reserve Pu Canh, 5647ha large of communes: Đồng Ruộng, Đoàn Kết, Đồng Chum. This remains untapped with undiscovered mysteries. The area is rich in fauna and flora, there are rare and precious wood: giáng hương, cẩm lai, trắc, gỗ đỏ... and rare animals listed in redbook. It takes 4 hours to climb to the peak, 1,373m above the sea level where the whole panorama of Sông Đà lake and the nature immensity could be viewed.
On the height of 900m above the sea level, the 3 layer waterfall Tà Khớp looks vary poetic. At the foot is a large lake, a region of old trees and a good entertainment spot. About 10km from Đà Bắc, we arrive at Hiền Lương, a large water surface very convenient for spots games like: water-motor, surfing... Hiền Lương is part of Hòa Bình national tourism complex. Herefrom, we can sightsee the forest and grotto Biều, a good place for healthcare due to its constant cool climate, precious medicinal herbs can be found.
Láo stream and Mưa grotto (in Cao Sơn commune) lies at 300m from the provincial road N0 433, it’s ideal for lovers of nature. A clear, whispering stream, the terrace fields of rice, maize... are a must to see. Mưa grotto with lots of stalactites and stalagmites is a good place to take a rest.
Apart from natural beauties, Đà Bắc is famous for its values of humanities. Đền Bờ, a spot of culture and religion entices thousands of visitors every year to its traditional and new-year festivals. The mountainous village of Dao minority group (in Cao Sơn commune) is famed for its more than 30 age-old houses, these hundred-year-old houses are located in forest of old trees, some are 1-2m in diameter and the air is always cool and fresh.
Đà Bắc is also rich in history of Dao, Tày, Mường minority groups, many traditional customs like: houses, costumes, festivals... are still well-preserved, specifically the dance-Tết of Dao Đỏ or red Dao ethnics, Đoọc Moong festival, new rice holiday... of Mường and Tày ethnics...
In addition to sightseeings, visitors to Đà Bắc have chances to taste local food, to watch performances... and Mường beautiful girls weaving by the windows or take part in hunting trips with young and brave boys, on Phù Bua mountain.

                                                                         THẢO HIỀN

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