Saturday, April 23, 2011

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The Mông ethnics and traditional games: shuttle cock and top
During Tết holidays or spring festivals, shuttle-cocks and tops are popular games. A cock might be made of a coin or a piece of copper tied with feathers or wrapped with cloth, and strike by hands.
The Mông ethnics' Tết holiday
Photo: Phạm Quỳnh
The teams may be single or more, single-sex or double-sex. Two teams are separated by parallel lines. One team strikes the cock and the other one catches it, then strikes back. The players have to be quick-minded and quick steps. The spectators shout and cheer that make the atmosphere more merry. By playing shuttle-cocks, boys and girls exchange talks or love if they fall in with.
Playing top is likened by Mông ethnics, the top is made of quality wood, as big as a hand and about 25 – 30cm long, covered with about 2m long cloth. The players have to strike the top in the agreed circle and the opposing team is forbidden to walk in. Best player of each team strikes first, the top that sleeps longer is the winner, even it’s attacked by the opposite team.
Each team may be 5 members but they have to strike in pairs, if the first 4 lose and the last 5th misses too, so they lose but if the 5th  player hits, he wins and he might gradually save the other 4, if he hits well.
Top-playing means to show talent, skills and strength of the boys and it’s a good chance for young girls to look for a partner.  

                                    THU LAN

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