Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Forget-me-not Quảng Bình

Located at 491km far from Hanoi in the South and 157km from ancient Hue imperial city in the North, bordered in the North by Ha Tinh province, in the South by Quang Tri, in the West by Laos and in the East by Eastern Sea on 116 km-long seacoast, Quang Binh province has plains, forests, mountains, rivers and islands. Undergone historical changes and natural events, Quang Binh is richly endowed with tourism potentials both in nature and humanism. Right in young city Dong Hoi, a city of tranquility, visitors are able to enjoy beautiful landscapes or strolling on fine beaches, Nhat Le, Quang Phu, Bao Ninh or swimming in clean water. Dong Hoi is also rich in cultural and historic identities, revolutionary traditions such as archaelogical sites Bau Tro, Dong Hoi Citadel, Quang Binh frontier post, Luy Thay....

The eco-tourism complex Phong Nha – Ke Bang is a must-see destination, three are about 300 caves and grottoes, large a small full of mysteries. It’s said to be the world wonder, to be “a Kingdom of Caves”, the paradise for scientists and explorers, tourists. In Phong Nha – Ke Bang virgin forests, there are more than 1000 mountain peaks, rocky, untouched, unexploited and it’s very exciting for adventurers. In the national park Phong Nha – Ke Bang, there is a tropical forest, almost unaffected. It’s covered almost 96,2% and vary in bio-diversity. There are 876 flora species, 140 animal species, 356 bird species, 99 reptile and amplibian species, 259 butterfly, 162 fish, 47 frog species and all these are listed in a red book by IUCN.

Moreover, in Phong Nha – Ke Bang, there are also historic and cultural relics of great values: archaelogical sites of pre – history, Champa culture and ancient Viets, the Anti – French Resistance base of King Ham Nghi in late 19th century (in Ma Rai Mountain) and famous localities: Ho Chi Minh trail, Xuan Son ferry, Nguyen Van Troi ferry, road N0 20, the tangible and intangible cultural values of Chut ethnics along Ho Chi Minh highway 7km from Dong Hoi city, in the West, there’s an eco-cultural tourism complex Vuc Quanh and open museum. Every relics, exhibit here testify to the revolutionary heroism of the Vietnamsese. On a 10 ha – large area, the models and images of Quang Binh people’s work – and – fight life 60 years ago have been reheated with hospital, field clinic, class – room, kindergarten, houses, stores, a – shaped bonch shelter, bomb craters, beaten road.

Bao Ninh village is a red address for visitors to Quang Binh. It’s a fishing village washed in sunshine and fresh air and landscape: sand- hills beaches, rivers, lakes side by side with green forest.

High-end Sun Spa Resort in Bao Ninh is ready at your services and ther are more to see: historic and cultural relics Luy Truong Sa, Sa Chuy post and the homeland of heroic Mother Suot.

                                                                 PHƯƠNG THẢO

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