Saturday, April 23, 2011

Cavern Ngườm Ngao

Lying in the Northeast of the country, Cao Bằng province is naturally endowed with wonders and beauties: streams, mountains, historical and revolutionary relics such as Lê Nin stream, Bản Giốc waterfall and more. Visitors to Cao Bằng remember to discover Ngườm Ngao, a natural wonder.

In local language, Ngườm Ngao means động hổ or “tiger hiding”, a large cavern in the mountain of Gun village, Đàm Thuỷ commune, Trùng Khánh district, about 90km from Cao Bằng town and a few kilometers from Bản Giốc waterfall.
When in the cave, your tiredness seem to go away due to the cave, a stone road or a stream for discovery, you can see hanging stalactites that vary in sizes and shapes, here it looks like a boat, here like a cactus plant or big lotus, a mushroom, a gold or silver plants, some look like a hill of rice, a crocodile, a Buddha, a watervase or a fairing combing her hair, a fairyman, sky-supporting tree...
The cave-floor is terrace-field full of water, built by streams, maybe for millions of years. The ceiling seems to open and close that make visitors surprised. The underground stream in the cave is very deep (somewhere 30m deep) that makes the scene more attractive. Visitors spend most of their time to admire the gold-and silver trees and it’s said to be lucky standing by sides of these trees.
The Ngườm Ngao cavern lies in 3 mountain. The highest point is 70m and the lowest point make you bow your head to go past. As reported by the British Royal discovery team in 1995, the total length of the cave is 2,144m with 3 doors: Ngườm Ngao, Ngườm Lầm and Bản Thuôn. Local villagers normally go through the cave to the market to avoid slippery earthen roads.
At Ngườm Ngao doorway, there’s a flat stone about 1m large inscribed with French in 1921 that says: Trùng Khánh governor, Hoàng Huy Giao led a French exploration team to discover Ngườm Ngao.
Ngườm Ngao was classified  as national landscape by Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and now managed and operated by Cao Bằng Tourism Joint-stock Company. It has well retained its natural beauty and become the best attraction. To make it really a destination as expected. Mr. Đàm Thế Chinh chairman of board  of  directors tells us the investment to upgrade lighting system, hotel and sightseeing services, open more tours to Bản Giốc - Pắc Pó cave and trekking tours to ethnic minority villages.  

                                     ĐỨC XUYÊN

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