Saturday, April 23, 2011

Bát Tràng pottery market

The market is located  in Bát Tràng village-center, 14km from Hà Nội and it’s a famous destination.

Visitors are firstly impressed by the village products. Pottery and ceramic are seen everywhere: pictures, tea-pots and tea-cups, bowls, flower-vases... Pottery decoratives vary in sizes, samples and colors. The market satisfies all demands and tastes of customers. Market-goers also vary, children take interest in pottery or ceramic animals while young boys and girls are keen looking for hand-laces, neck-laces or jewelleries or wind-bells..., old people try to find pairs of big vases, sets of ceramic pictures and the foreigners are fascinated by minor animals or small picture-sets of ceramic as the souvenirs.

The pottery market is rich in product items from vases, pots in contemporary colors to restored ancient cups or plates, sets of pictures, even pottery statues... turned out by highly-skilled workers.

At weekends or festivals stream of motor-bikes, buses, cars rush to Bát Tràng market for sightseeing or shopping. Tourists are well-satisfied to see, to touch, to ask questions on pottery products and the friendly sellers are active in explaining something about decorations or enamels.
Bát Tràng products are high-quality sold at reasonable prizes. It’s an attraction by side of the red river.

                                                                   XUAN THANG

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