Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wonder - mountain Vệ Linh

Sóc temple complex (in Sóc Sơn, Hà Nội) composes of relics, related to god-hero Thánh Gióng, scattering from mountain-foot to the top, very attractive to visitors on their journey to see the legendary location of ancient Việts in their national construction and defense. From the mountain peak, the whole beautiful region can be viewed.
Sóc temple festival
Photo: Văn Chương
Before climbing to the top, just come to see temples at the foot: Trình, Mẫu, Đại Bi, Thượng... not very far from each other. Centrepiece is Thượng or upper temple, dedicated to god Thánh Gióng who wiped out the Chinese Ân invaders. It’s a temple of great magnitude built in streamline-shape. The outer house is 5-section and the inner house is smaller. Worship objects: statues, swords and weapons... are deeply identified of Việt culture.

On 6th of lunar January every year, a festival is organized by villages to commemorate the god Thánh Gióng (in his native land: Phù Đổng village, Gia Lâm district, it’s on 9th of lunar April). There are games and sports activities but most typical is cướp giò hoa. It means the 500 flowers attached to bamboo frame (symbol of the rod used by the god to fight the enemy). The game takes place on the first day, then comes the worship ceremony and it’s the most important for participants. It has been deeply rooted in the spiritual life of the locals and the pilgrims as well.
                                                                                  THU HẰNG

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