Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hot-water stream Bình Châu

The stream in Bưng Riềng commune, Xuyên Mộc district, Bà Rịa – Vũng Tàu province, at about 150km from Hồ Chí Minh city is highly valued by scientists for its health-care services. The eco-tourism area and the bio-scopes are great attractions to the locals.

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In the immensity of greenery there are more than 70 open-air hot-water fountains that make a network of stream, lakes with water ranging from 370C – 820C accordingly. The underground stream in mangroves is good for disease treatment due to its richness in silic, nitor, natri and clo elements...

The local tourism authority has invested to build Bình Châu as a heath-care service centre and an eco-tourism complex. Necessary projects were finished: bath services, out-doors wells (to boil eggs in hot-water stream), lakes, swimming pools. All under shadows of big trees. There are also entertainment and sports services: training-golf courts, volleyball ground, swimming-pool and a moon garden which can seat 1000 people. Romanticists can stay overnight in houses built of bamboo and leaves or take part in night-hunting trip (animals are fed by the people) or enjoy eggs boiled in hot water. Don’t forget to visit Suối Mơ and Quê Hương lakes to have 15-minutes bath in hot-water or 45-minutes bath in fine mud that helps make soft your skin and get rid of mental diseases, skin diseases, poison... or to stream Hà Nội - Huế - Sài Gòn to put your legs in 370C hot-water in early mornings or in the evenings. Just 30 minutes can help you reduce to the least such diseases as: rheumatism, hands and legs sweating or unstressed your muscles.
You can also go on sightseeing to untouched forests or beach Hồ Cốc to get a swimming, to national park or conquer the mount Tầm Bồ, go camping, stay in bamboo-houses and enjoy sea-products.
Bình Châu hot-water stream is a good destination for people of all ages, not only for its fresh air, clean water but also due to its Vàm Sát mangroves and this eco-tourism complex is recognized by World Tourism Organization as two in 65 most sustainable eco-tourism areas globally.
Bình Châu is good relaxation and entertainment after long hand and stressed working-days.

                                                                       Thanh Hằng 

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