Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tiền Giang – the land of gardens and canals

Tiền Giang province lies along Tiền river and criss-crossed by canals, islets and 4-season fruit trees. The province is potential on eco-tourism. On islets, tourists seem to live with green nature of endless rivers and boundless gardens of fruits-trees.
The mangroves and the maritime tourism complex Tân Thành – Hàng Dương (Gò Công district) will satisfy your every demands. Fauna and flora diversities will meet your discovery requirements with specific animals and plants such as: tràm, sao, súng, bàng, lác, rùa… Tasty fruits: longan, mangos… a must to try. Don’t forget to visit historic relics, religions construction projects, cultural heritages Óc Eo, 200-year-old pagoda Vĩnh Tràng and the southern traditional arts. Pagoda Bửu Lâm (in Mỹ Tho) is the typical architectural project in the 19th century of southern Việt community. The provincial traditional festivals in Ấp Bắc victory celebration, the southerners’ insurrection, memories to honour national hero Trương Định, ethnic minorities’ festivities of Kinh, Kh’me, Hoa, Chăm groups… Apart from fresh air, good food, tourists are opportune to find out the locals’ customs and habits or the fisher people lifestyles or to discover ancient town Gò Công where age-old houses are well-preserved, historic and cultural relics: Hoàng Gia tomb, temple dedicated to Trương Định… are well-kept and protected.
            Đồng Tâm snake-farm was established in 1977 on an area of 30ha. It’s said to be the number-one museum of snakes in Vietnam where snake of all species are raised to provided venom for medicines. Snakes are not only fed in natural environment but also kept in underground farm (4,000m2 large) with 3m-high walls for protection. Initially, there were only a few species, now there are 52 snake-families: krait, copperhead, cobra, python, grass-snake… There’s a snake that weighs 18kg. The farm management board and Tiền Giang Tourism authority are in good cooperation and co-ordination to upgrade the farm to make it a destination for tourist.

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