Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hot mineral water Tháp Bà

Just 5km from Nha Trang city to the North and by side of river Cái in a nice ambience, the hot mineral water service Tháp Bà is really a destination attractive to visitors nationally and internationally.

You will find it comfortable and relaxing in a green environment with lakes, parks, swimming-pool, flower-garden and fine-looking houses… and to all of your surprise is medicinal services “Ôn tuyền thuỷ liệu pháp” (a new method to restore one’s health) and bath in hot mineral water, mud-bath emeses, particularly, having a bath in hot mineral-mud in single-bath or double- bath.

Bath-regulations are strict: firstly, you need clean your body under a slower, then soak yourself in separate mud-tub (in 20 minutes), and 20 minutes more to have sun-bath, then again cleaning in hot mineral water.

If you don’t like mud-bath, but bath in hot mineral water, you can have it as long as you can. Bath-tubs vary in sizes and names like: Chiền Chiện, Bạch Hạc, Hoa Hồng, Hoàng Yến, Thiên Nga… scattering on Ngọc Sơn slope-sides. In between these bath-tubs or big a small stones shaded by forests, the birds’ singing, the wind whispering make the scene more romantic.

After a bath, you will find it more comfortable and your skin softer, your hair smoother. There’s here also massage and sauna, therapy… Bungalows or separate rest-houses are available at your services, for individual and families as well… Restaurant are always ready to meet your demands with good food in fresh atmosphere, natural and impressive beauty.

Mineral water and mud are supply from Vĩnh Phương (Nha Trang) and Ninh Lộc (Ninh Hòa). In Vĩnh Phương, it’s  taken from 100m-deep sources, purified and pumped directly to services. Mud taken from deep in the soil goes through centrifuge, purified to get rid of all waste and turn out to be fine, soft mud for bath.

Clorua  natri silic is Tháp Bà hot mineral water and it helps quicken the metabolism and health recovery, curing diseases in bone and joints, sciatica, veins and muscle stress and chronic stress while mineral mud in Tháp Bà is good for bone-tuberculosis, joints, gynecological diseases./.

                                                                   THANH HẰNG

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