Monday, April 25, 2011

National park Pù Mát

Located in the south west of Nghệ An province, North of Trường Sơn mountain range on 3 districts Con Cuông, Anh Sơn and Tương Dương, the national park Pù Mát lies on a large area and rich in bio-diversity with 2500 flora species of 150 families and 1000 fauna ones.

The natural landscapes and environment with waterfall Kẽm, hot-water spring Mọc, river Giăng and the cultural Identities of ethnic minority groups Thái or Đan Lai, Pù Mát is very good for ecotourism development.
Pù Mát is a similar name to all scientists due to its discovery of Sao la (a kind of precious animal) but there are still many thing for studies.
In Thái minority language Pù Mát means a high slope (Pù Mát is averagely from 200m-1814m above sea level) and Pù Mát peak is the highest (1814m). Pù Mát is famous for its 100 ha large forest of Săng lẻ (a kind of precious wood), at about 40km from the administration board. It’s a forest of very old trees (50 m high and shadowed year-round).
In the morning, it’s very interesting to be at waterfall Kẽm where the air is quite cool and fresh (despite the heat in central part). The fall is 150m high and 20km far from Con Cuông town. It’s believed by almost scientists to be the originally untouched waterfall. If seen from distance, it looks like a while sheet of silk in the natural beauty and merry in birds singing.
Pù Mát is more beautiful with the dam Phà Lài (flower of heavens) and red flamboyant flowers on both sides of Giăng river. It’s really an environmental landscapes for tourist to be here in varieties of flowers, especially orchids and flocks of jumping and running monkey to welcome visitors.
Lovers of nature can visit Pù Mát all year- round, due to its average temperature of 200C to 220C.
It’s only 90km from Vinh city, Pù Mát seems to be a different world, wonderful and almost untouched. Right and reasonable exploitation of Pù Mát is very good for ecotourism development.


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